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Conceal It

Unfortunately most of us mere mortals do not look like this…


Without the help of  mans greatest invention – the concealer. A little pot or cheeky stick intent on covering the nastiest of skin imperfections with a simple swab or slick. It’s generally the first makeup item a gal will obtain, Mums finally given in and provided their suffering daughters with something to cover cute (actually there is nothing cute about them) pimples; it’s the one prod that keeps us looking half alive during lectures in our party hard years; and it is generally the last product a woman will vainly apply every day as she covers years of smiles and laughs and wise words.


Yep that’s our baby; Mr. Concealer bless you and your little cute compact you come dressed in. How you save us every day. Here are my faves for diff conceal-urgencies…


Cover those nasty zits AND simultaneously kill the suckers with Dr LeWinns Medic Anti Blemish Concealer – The epitome of killing 2 birds with one … well squirt. The formula, which contains active botanicals, effectively provides coverage, moisturisation and zit-zappers all at once. ($19.95)



Make those sad/tired/bad genetic driven peepers BRIGHT & LIGHT by reducing your dark circles appearance to a lovely 0%. Entire YSL Touché Éclat– Radiant Touch; an instant complexion highlighter who is a terribly clever fellow who does his job so well that he brings home more than bread and butter. Banish the drab dullness from those sparkling peeps ASAP! ($75)

Tanned or pasty? Who cares – one prod fits all. Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It; a Kelly Lee Love who sits perched merrily at the top of the ‘Skin’ box just waiting for his owners greedy hands to dip her fingers into him. (I lie I prod him with a concealer brush – DUH! 🙂 ) The concealer duo combines two formulas and two shades, giving the ultimate control for fighting flaws or imperfections. It targets dehydration zones while the powder concealer spot checks for a flawless finish. ($35)


Cover and conceal those rotten imperfections when an average prod just won’t perform. Try Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Corrector; IDEAL for dark circles, acne scarring and deep pigmentation. ($46)

Mineral makeup lovers will LOVE the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Ultimate Concealer. It has a gorgeous rich, creamy, mineral formula that gives a sheer to heavy coverage while still looking silky and natural. I am in love with the almost velvety finish. ($49.95)


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One thought on “Conceal It

  1. Touche eclat now retails for $55!! They had a price reduction almost 6 months ago, was so happy when I found that out!

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