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L’Occitane Repairing Mask: Turn That Head Of Hair From Drab To Fab!

I am one of those girls who has spent most of her life severely struggling with unruly locks. My hair is not and never has been naturally glossy and bouncy and smooth. It is big, neither curly NOR straight, fluffy, fly-away-y, frizzy and a downright pest. My friends refer to me as the nutty professor because more often than not it can be found piled in a big heap chic top-knot on my head with bits flying every which way. GRRRRR.
Neways, I recently came across this little gem of a hair prod and am so smitten with him that if anyone tried to snatch him from me I would release my fists of fury. And they are quite bony and pointy and could defs do some damage so mitts off. Go buy your own – actually you seriously should and here’s why…..

Well first up his PROPER name is the L’Occitane Aromachology Repairing Mask for Dry & Damaged Hair and he retails for $34.95 which is MUCH cheaper than the salon alternatives which is the only other time I’ve ever had such a FAB result from one hair prod.
I have been smoothing a fair portion (hey I’ve got a whole hell of a lotta hair) onto my mug weekly before leaving it for about 5 mins, and it is AH-MAZ-ING. It feels (sorry to be so corny and cliché) SO soft and SO silky afterwards and smells just divine. Say hello to nourished and deeply restored locks as the formula weasels its way into the hairs capillary’s locking in moisture and all sorts of goodness. Free from parabens, SLES, synthetic colorants, formol or formaldehyde, animal ingredients, triclosan and BHA – yeah boi.


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