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Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when dear old dad deserves to be celebrated for everything he is. Including thinking its hilarious to fluff in your presence before yelling at you for being ‘un-ladylike’ when you reciprocate. Now although he may claim that all he wants is a homemade card and a few new hankies…(or is that just mine), he has no doubt attended to your every whim even in adulthood (yes I do still ring mine when I have car trouble EVEN though he lives 4 hours away and is totally unable to assist me) THUS our dads deserve something that little bit extra special.

So here are 7 great gift ideas!

1) Buy him a fab experience from Red Balloon, and better yet experience it together! Take him white water rafting or hot air ballooning and create some one-on-one special memories.

2) For the product savvy dad, treat him to the delightful ‘Shave & Go’ gift pack from Dr. LeWinns. Dad can get his groom on with two full-sized shaving essentials from the Dr. LeWinn’s Men range, PLUS the uber stylish Wine Cooler bag they come in; meaning he’ll never turn up to a social occasion juggling his beloved beers again! Socks and jocks begone – this is one fathers day gift sure to add a smile to dads dial! ($39.95)

3) Second prod purchase idea is the fab range of fathers day gifts available at L’Occitane boutiques nationally. The range of gifts start at $70 (heavily discounted items) and covers all Dads fave product lines from Cade to the fresh new scent of Verdon.

4) For the Dad who appreciates good coffee look no further than a Nespresso machine or a months worth of flavours for the Dad who is on-trend when it comes to the Nespresso hype. Click here for the exclusive fathers day cash back offer.

5) A home cooked meal will show him you care whilst simultaneously stop him worrying that you can’t cook and therefore are not caring for yourself properly. Fill his plate with a plethora of eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, baked beans, fried tomato, and throw in a freshly squeezed OJ for good measure.

6) If your dad is a reader then you MUST introduce him to the sadistic delights that are written by James Patterson. His books are thrillers like you’ve never read before and they are amazing!

7) And the no. 1 thing that will make dad smile? Break up with your boyfriend. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

  1. i like the food idea

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