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My First Yum Cha Experience

As the headline suggests, I recently had my first Yum Cha experience. And it was not good. In fact, for a vegetarian the whole notion of ‘Yum Cha’ is ever so slightly horrific. The vision of the lovely lass next to me gnawing away at the gristle of fermented duck will forever be burned into my retinas.  *Shudder.

People have been going on about Yum Cha since I first moved to Sydney claiming it as a fave dining experience…. Once again *shudder. If you love greasy Chinese food in the lowest form of quality then I GUESS I can see the appeal. But for anyone with the slightest hint of food snobbery (considering my penchant for greasy gravy laden chips – not me) or people with an aversion to meat (aye), Yum Cha isn’t all its cracks up to be.


Consider this;

a)    There is a strange tea served as primary liquid. My repugnance to tea itself and hot liquids means that this does not bode to well with me.

b)   The arrival of tens of tiny plates ALL containing a ‘meat’ (I use the term meat loosely as in all seriousness we could be referring to dog). I am told that even the ‘vegetarian’ options are likely to be laced with prawn residue. Me and my grumbly tummy are NOT happy.

c)    Vego dumplings arrive at the table. As they resemble only what looks like a whales ball sack I pass.

d)   Strange looks are given to the strange girl AKA me who wont touch any of the food. The embarrassment of being THAT girl.


Not good. I won’t going back any time soon. 😦



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