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Review: One Day

Twenty Years. Two People.

I have a mild crazy addiction to buying books. I am one of those people who insist on filling their bookshelves with more books even though they have not yet read 30% of what is already sitting in them. ‘One Day’ the novel (by David Nicholls), was one of the poor sods; he perched up on a higher shelf and gathered dust until I carelessly threw him into a suitcase to be taken on a trip. You see, my aversion to starting One Day came from an inherent belief that bar The Notebook author (Nicholas Sparks), men struggle to write a good romance novel.

Yet the truth is quite the opposite, men do write good romance novels. Except they do not provide the reader with the unrealistic expectations of love that female authors seem to bestow upon us (happily ever after anyone?) – they provide poignant accounts of epic love tales where the love does not always last. Sometimes love fades. Or sometimes it is simply lost. Or sometimes (in the case of ‘One Day’) love isn’t enough and love can be taken from you.

The story follows 2 characters lives (Emma and Dexter) over 20 years of friendship focusing on just one day (the 15th July) and where they are and what they are doing. Such an interesting depiction of love and how it merges, warps and moves year-to-year is captivating to read and I do believe the film caught some of these interesting elements on camera. Another strong point of the film included the main characters on-screen chemistry (nice work Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess), which was believable to the point where I actually was holding back tears towards the end of the film (no mean feat let me tell you).

But don’t even get me started on Hathaway’s PATHETIC excuse for an English accent. I have watched MANY films and have NEVER seen such a terribly acted accent in all my life. It was atrocious. One minute she was British, before she was all Anne American again before then going all weird and Irish on us!

I mean how hard is it!

All in all though, a super cute film about love and friendship with candid facets about life not going where you expected it to go. But as per usual the book was ridiculously better which is why you should read it asap.


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