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Product Review: Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I’d heard good things about this brand spanking new prod on the market and as a boofy haired sufferer, I was willing to give anything that promised ‘sleek and shiny locks for 30 days’ a go. Especially when the promise in question comes in a small box from Priceline for less than $30.

What the prod promises…

‘An exclusive, high potency keratin complex which reduces up to 95% of curl and eliminates frizz by penetrating the cuticle with keratin proteins.’

The process…

I had a bit of trepidation after reading the instructions as they went against everything I usually do with my hair. As an example ‘leave hair out and unwashed for 48 hours after using the treatment’…..AHH! I can barely leave my hair out for a few hours let alone 2 whole days! But I figured it would totes be worth it.

SO I began by using the pre-treatment shampoo in the shower all over my locks followed by a vigorous towel dry that left my hair 80% dry. The shampoo smelt horrendous and left my hair feeling like straw but I figured this was simply so the keratin could penetrate into the hairs follicles more productively.

I then combed my hair and began applying the keratin formula by sectioning my hair. Kinda like a DIY dye job I guess – except stinkier.

I waited half an hour before blow-drying my hair till it was 110% COMPLETELY dry. Note: This took an hour due to the formula weighing my hair down so much. I then once again sectioned of my hair and used my ghd to go over each section 7 times to ensure complete accuracy in straitening. So granted I followed the instructions like a pro. The immediate result was a head of foul smelling greasy locks that were plastered to my head. “Seriously?” Was my inner monologue. “This shits not gonna fly at work tomorrow.” Nevertheless I went to sleep imaging waking up with Kardashian style glossy locks.

Think again.

The result…

So it wasn’t exactly as I expected/hoped. I woke up in the morning (after sleeping on silk so my hair wouldn’t ruffle) to a head of lank, doughy locks that were that weighed down and greasy I half expected to find an empty bottle of canola oil next to my bed that I had somehow applied on my mug in a sleepy trance the night before. AND MY HAIR WASN’T EVEN BLOODY STRAIGHT! It was all kinky and feral. So I washed it. And I washed it again. I didn’t care about wasting the $30 at that point, I just couldn’t stomach the idea of turning up to work with a head that looked like I’d just spent 30 hours in a sauna giving birth. It was that bad I probably would have been sent home. And if my big boss was around, potential instant dismissal. It. Was. That. Bad. Even after 4 shampoos it still had this feral smelling residue and in no time it was back to its split ended, dry glory. ONLY WORSE. So annoyed. The only thing that has helped me this past week is this gem.

So yeah, don’t buy it.

And I know that I usually don’t blast bad prodz (I simply pretend they don’t exist). But this prod has been getting a HUGE rap from heaps of publications and I didn’t want you all forking out $30 for something that not only doesn’t work but actually reduces the condition of your hair. The company behind the prod has lots of ad presence in mags thus the eds have to include the prodz to keep the company paying for their mortgages. That is why many peeps have been giving this nasty shit of a prod rapt reviews.

Oh and another thing. I actually really like the rest of the range of natural shampoos and conditioners from Organix. They smell divine. 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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  2. found your site on aol and was just what i was looking for, keep it up 🙂

  3. It worked for me…

  4. I felt the same way!
    I did what the instructions say, and was amused that I ended up with a head heavy with the blob (not bob).
    I thought it would hold out after the first wash but curiously enough, my hair turned frizzy after that momentous shampoo (and i washed it with the organix keratin shampoo). Too soon to comment cos I just washed it the second time.
    I am a strictly wash and go girl so if the hair looks ten times better after a blow dry, I wouldn’t know.
    But I would try a second time. Just next time round, I would go easy on the treatment lotion…


    Hello, One of my clients ask me to apply this product on her hair… Reluctante I did… Here its my toughts:

    I am a hairstylist , I am Brazilian and I specialize on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.
    I done so many different ones , from the beguinnings of Global Keratin and Brazilian Blowout, Lasio, Copolla …. They are Amazing… Some of then works better for Blond fine hair, and some works better for thicker hair…

    ITS ALL ON THE TECHINIQUE … Every hair its different and UNIQUE… That being said here it goes what I think about Brazilian Organix:



  6. It does say to flat iron 8 to 10 times EACH strand, which I found quite arduous, but the the stickiness diminished with each go over. I actually liked the smell too. I found the instructions unhelpful, and they don’t say the same thing in each repetition. The ones on the outside of the box seem best. It appears you are not supposed to kink your hair in any way for 48 hours, (which is impossible if you sleep, or have to wear a hat outdoors – I’m in Canada) I just finished it and came on here to find it anyone else found it too much trouble! I did, and I’m not even sure I like it this flat either.

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