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Fertility Is A Bit Of A Joke

A few days ago I was chatting to a very lovely (very thin and obviously not pregnant) woman, whose eyes misted over as she rubbed her flat and empty belly as she explained that she was on her 3rd round of IVF in her quest to become pregnant.

And there I was, feeling guilty, as I remembered frantically jumping up and down in the bathroom the last time I had partaken in the activity that isn’t working in any other favour for this woman other than the elusive female orgasm. (Well you would hope.)

It got me thinking about how unfair life is (and yes yes I KNOW that ‘life isn’t bloody fair’); here is an intelligent and educated woman in her mid 30’s, financially secure and in a happy and stable relationship who cannot have a baby. And here I am, as mature and capable as a bowl of runny eggs who could probably fall pregnant just by looking at a missed pill or broken condom.

Traditionally I would be married with at least one kid hanging off my tits at 22 (HA not 23 yet!), and at 35 I would be dead. (I joke but in all seriousness 35 was probably considered older back then.) So although we have progressed socially over the years and are now encouraged to travel, sleep around date, have a career and party before we settle down, our physical bodies have not and nor will they ever unless our DNA or whatever is changed.

Fertility and pregnancy are pretty hot topics and having a baby seems to be a bit of trend over the years. Many celebs and public figures have jumped on the baby wagon and more young people as well as the 35ers are leaving their legs in the air. Or just accepting ‘accidents’. That’s another thing that doesn’t really seem fair that we have ‘accidents’ while women are doing (and spending) EVERYTHING to do something that happens naturally to our young silly uterus’. Not only that but many of us are aborting accidents when women all over the country fall asleep crying night after night as they cradle their empty tummies.

Abortions and a ‘womans right to choose’ are stances that people generally agree with when they are young and fertile, then change as they get older and their maternal instincts kick in and the idea of scraping and sucking a little baby out seems horrifically murderous. PERSONALLY I don’t belive that abortion is murder, I think that murder is when you end a life but a baby isn’t really a life until it can survive on its own. (So I guess at the 25 week mark?) And yes if I fell pregnant I would get an abortion however I totally understand why some people are against it as looking and talking to unfertile women is heartbreaking and pulls on the old guilt strings.


Are you pro-choice? What are your thoughts on fertility?




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