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Champagne Tastes On A Beer Budget

The other day my boss/really good friend (I’m a lucky girl 🙂 ) listened to me rattle off my busy schedule before asking me incredulously how the F I afford to go out most nights on what can only be described as a ‘modest’ salary.


I thought about it. And I thought about it some more. And I was flummoxed.

You see despite my parents diligently bringing me up with good concepts of budgeting, saving and money in general; I really am quite horrid with the stupid stuff.

Now I don’t have debt (bar that pest of a thing called HECS), I have never taken out a ‘personal loan’ (aka people that deem it smart to borrow money for a holiday or fancy car which simply depreciated as soon as you left the car yard – idiot), nor do I have a credit card. That said, I have 0 savings and can quite often be found checking my bank accounts with bulging eye sockets.

So where does my money actually GO? I thought that by putting my spending habits to shame I could encourage some of you to either a) pat yourself on the back and snootily think HA or b) hang head in shame as you see familiarities with me.

To begin with I think some of the problem lies within the fact that this is actually considered FULL by my fridges standards…

Poor ol' apple perched in there on his lonesome 😦

Thus, it can be acknowledged that I tend to eat out a lot. It’s only if I’m feeling super virtuous and healthy that I will actually have food in my home as usually breakfast and lunch is a quick trip to the nearest Coles or food court and dinner comprises of ordering from a waiter when I’m with friends (usually 5 nights per week) or picking takeaway up when I’m having nights in with peeps.

So what are some of my other expenses?

  • Monthly nail appoint
  • Fortnightly massage
  • Weekly facial
  • Weekly magazine and new book
  • Clothes (generally I buy between 1-10 items per week)
  • Candles, products, snacks, energy drinks and box sets
  • At least 4 nights per week I have a cheeky bev or 15 and that adds up
  • PLUS the added cost of taxis which I do have a penchant for, stemming from my aversion to public transport
  • Petrol, tolls and parking daily
  • Weekend brunch dates, coffee dates and glebe dates
  • Fortnightly movie tickets
  • Gifts (I’m annoyingly generous)
  • Rent, bills and other boring things my money gets spent on 😦

Reading my list can you relate? Or are you cringing with horror wondering how I am considered fit to give any sort of advice?

I set you all a challenge. Do as I have done and pay attention to how much money you spend weekly and on what. Hopefully you won’t want to neck yourself as a result.


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One thought on “Champagne Tastes On A Beer Budget

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