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WOW! Quick Tip From Skin School

So it turns out I’ve a) been applying eye creams/balms/serums totally wrong, b) I’ve been applying VERY inappropriate prodz on my peeps.

Let’s look at a)…
Did you know most of us apply the eye prodz wayyyyy to close to our actual peepers? I certainly didn’t. For years I’ve been feeling uber virtuous as I religiously pat and smear my lotions and potions right up under my lash line and all over my lid. Silly girl.
Feel the bone around your eye. It’s a similar shape to that if you meet the tip of your point finger to your thumb. Go on, do it. THAT is the only area you should be patting your prodz into. Any closer to the eye is wasteful and can cause puffiness/congestion etc.

b) Only use products designed to be used around your eye area as these have been opthomogically tested and approved. I am a massive culprit in using things like pure rosehip oil as my eye serum. Big mistake.

So there you go. Two new tips to implement!


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