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How To: Get Healthy Hair

Its not even summer, yet my hair is already as dry as Ricky Gervais’ sense of humour. Boo. Yet am I to style it with numerous hot devices as I prep for all the summer fun on the social calendar. Yet am I to abstain from a hat on the beach resulting in dry, sun-bleached, and salty hair. Yet am I to ‘forget’ my blasted swimming cap as I venture on my weekly swim.

Yet, my hair is as shoddy as it usually is AFTER the treacherous warm months.


I usually revert to the ol’ fave ‘Mr Moroccan Oil’ in these times of need but he best start quivering in his little blue boots as there a 2 new hair oils in town set to nourish my split ends into silky strands.

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – I’m already in love with the formula, which is enriched with a complex of two precious oils; Avocado Oil (well-known for its extraordinary nourishing properties thanks to a few certain fatty acids) and Grape Seed Oil (contains a high level of linoleic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world). These 2 super oils result in locks that are fully repaired from wintery damage and in full protection mode of what’s in store for it this summer (eek!). Dry ends are left repaired with a gorgeous suppleness sealed into each strand. Love. (L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil is available at participating salons and retailers nationally from November 2011. RRP $38.)

Second op is the fab new All Soft Argan-6 Oil from my dear friends @ Redken. A dreamy and creamy new formula made with Omega-6 enriched, fair trade argan oil (a real hair-saving beaut). This oily gem envelops hair in lasting suppleness of protection and uber nourishment. Swoon. (RRP $29 Available from selected salons from November 1st 2011.)

Note: Do NOT make an oily mistake! This is when you apply the oil all over your mug. No need. Your roots should be nourished enough from the natural oils your scalp produces. Apply half way through to the ends, concentrating on the bottom 2 inches in particular. And a few drops is just plenty thanks. Otherwise take that greasy mug as far away from my silky strands as poss. Thanks Kelly. 🙂


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