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Bon Voyage!

I’m currently typing this while secretly willing away the hours till 7pm. Why? Cause then I’m on holidays betchessss!

I’m also currently resembling an oompa loompa. That’s what you get for trusting someone with your fake tan whom you have never visited before Kelly. Tsk tsk. Silly girl. I won’t be letting my deep orange skin tone get me down though, as I figure I will provide everyone with a good giggle for the week.

So I’m going away tomorrow with 6 girlfriends and despite the 7am flight (the girls are arguing who DOESN’T have to sit with me), I am super excite. I have not been on a holiday in a bizillion years and it comes at a truly great time for me to ‘reflect’. I cannot wait to laze by the pool – cocktail in tow, sun myself at the beach and frolic in the surf….


There is one MAJOR problem that I am just ever so slightly apprehensive about…

I’m a massive weirdo.

Yes yes I know you all knew that already, but I’m not just talking about my accents and aversions to textures; I’m referring to my inability to be around people for longer than 3 days without blowing a gasket. You see I love my friends. Adore them really. But 168 hours with just ONE of them would do my head in, let alone 6!!! It happens with everyone; family, boyfriend, weirdo relations – constant ‘on-ness’ drives me a little crazy.

But apart from my slight fear that I may stomp on one of my dear friends tootsies, I am certain that the next week will be full of laughs, drinks and fun.

I will TRY to update you all here and there but if I don’t then don’t hate me. It just means I am not as addicted to technology as I once though! 🙂

Have a good week guys!


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