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Savoury Spring Salad

I highly advise you all cook/prepare this dish for din din tonight…

I call it the ‘Amaze-Balls Salad’. Because it is.


  • Small pumpkin
  • Feta cheese
  • Semi sun-dried tomatoes
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Rocket leaves
  • Cashews
  • Barbecued chicken breast


  • Chop the cheeky pumpkin into little bite-sized morsels before cooking in microwave for 5mins on high. Place on oven tray, sprinkle a touch of sea salt and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over them. Leave for 30mins.
  • Wash and toss salad leaves.
  • Chop feta and sun-dried tomatoes (the naughty little minx’s) and mix in with leaves.
  • Pull chicken breast into small slivers and toss into the salad mix.
  • Let the flavours mix and sit.
  • Crush cashews into a sprinkable mix (I suggest a mallet).
  • Stir in now slightly crunchy pumpkin pieces before lightly drizzling olive oil over the whole salad.
  • Divide into bowls and garnish with desired amount of cashew nuts.

Oh and I’ll post about my trip later in the week. Don’t you worry your pretty little fluffy heads, It’s coming! 🙂



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