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10 Holiday Must-Have Prodz

I recently holidayed on the GC and as you can imagine spent FAR too much time in the sun, drank FAR to many mojitos, and disregarded FAR too many of my usual beauty routines. Thus I spent the week looking more ‘surfer’ chic than tres chic. BUT without these 10 gems I would have looked more cheap chic than anything, so for that I commend them…


1. Redken Slim Supreme. The hair serum that kept my mane from getting to outta-control and boofy the way it usually deems acceptable on holidays the big, blonde bugger. Apply after washing onto towel-dried hair for silky and smooth locks.

2. Hollywood No-Shows. The disposable nipple concealers that allowed me to last pretty much the whole week completely bra-less without the entire stretch of cavil avenue aware of when a gust of wind made me slightly chilly…or when the tall hot lifeguard walked past I JOKE.

CAN Go Braless!

3. Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo. When I’m on hols I get a little blazey (beauty lazy –clever huh) and don’t really partake in the same level of grooming standards I adhere to in Sydney. In other words I totally got away without washing my hair for DAYS on end by using this bad boy. The mix of dry-shampoo with salt and sweat (ew but true) created this awesome ‘rock-chick do’ that was all street cred and gritty pretty. SO something I can’t usually pull off.  Quick Tip: To achieve, spray directly onto dirty roots and rub in before semi-styling. Voila – that’s it.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Le Bateleur Cologne. An amaze-balls uni-sex scent that blended perfectly from beach to bar. Not to strong, it is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and really baffles fragrance connoisseurs as it smells different (yet AH-MAZ-ING) on everyone.

4. Maybelline Lipcolour in Coral Crush 515. This has been a fave lippie of mine for a looonnggg time now, as the colour suits me perfectly. It’s got a touch of red, a smidgen of orange and a whole lotta pink in it and it’s just PERFECT for the warmer months as its so darn tropical. Wear understated with a slick of balm underneath to keep the hue light (I rec L’Occitane pure shea butter so your pout simultaneously gets all hydrated) or make it the main focus by wearing intensely pigmented (read-SLICK.IT.ON), teaming with a simple slick of mascara for a super cute doe-eyed effect.

❤ Coral Crush

5. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and Benefit The Porefessional. When I’m in a warmer climate my skin goes uber-oily and my pores seem to double in size. Yuck. So I used these bad boys and bless them, they diminished the appearance stat. (Note: They did not SHRINK my pores just covered them up and reduced the appearance after application.) Mr Clinique was applied first and by golly he does a fine job of bringing healthier skin cells to the surface for a ‘tighter’ appearance; then comes Mrs Benefit (they work best as a cute couple) with her uncanny ability to say see-ya to my pores as she fills them in and creates the perfect base for my makeup.

6. SHE Pure Magic Primer. Now although I only applied a full set of makeup twice on my trip (hello Melbourne Cup) I would have had my mascara perched down on my jaw line without this prim and proper primer. I love it that she’s a prude and won’t let the other prodz slut themselves all over my face. Use alone for a flawless complexion of under makeup for all-day wear. LOOOOOVVVEEE!

7. M.A.C ‘Something Special’ Cremeblend Blush. Still my fave blush, I just love this gooey blend of goodness. It gives your cheekbones a gorgeous glow of radiance that is set in the most pretty of perfect pinks. Quick Tip: As a crème blush, it can come of easily, so for continuous wear apply a dusting of powder blush over the top to set. (Hint – Napoleon Perdis Cheek To Chic Duo.)

MAC = Voila Cheekbones!

9. OPI Atomic Orange Nail Lacquer. This was the shade I sported on my fingers and toes all week, as it doesn’t chip and looked fab against my tan (albeit a bad tan…which is another story).

10.  Formula 10.0.6 Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes. At the end of a big night, these gems kept me from ever looking like a bad panda the next morning, as even if I ignored teeth cleaning (bad Kelly bad!) I always ‘baby-wiped’ myself, as I love to refer to it. It wasn’t just me, my pack magically got smaller as the week went on yet I only used one per day so I’m quite sure some other naughty rascals relied on them too!

It should be noted that my ghd, energy drinks and an ability to laugh at my orange ankles were also ingredients to a fantastic and sometimes fabulous looking week. 🙂


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  1. よると、2月5レポートによって書かれた砂糖、ポップたち探して発見中に居心地の良い成功してランチ日付にロサンゼルス。1つ素晴らしいへの道をを取るうちとを達成するためだけでは疑いもなくです参加カップルローカル祭一緒にフェアとコンサートで、プール。

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