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A Social Media Stuff-Up

Although this story or ‘kelly-ism’ is super SUPER embarrassing, I feel like I should share it, if only to provide you with a giggle for the day.

So a few months ago, my friend encouraged me to download ‘Instagram’ so I could get sweet looking pics like hers. What she failed to mention, (or what I was to stupid to realise) was that it was a social networking app. Not a ‘cool editing app’. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I did indeed fail to realise that people could follow you and view your pics.

Which brings me to the problem. My erm ‘pics’ were in effect, porn. You see I’d begun to take naked pics of myself before ‘instagraming the shit out of them’, in the totally vain persuit that I could one day reflect on said pics with a smug ‘awwww yeah’ attitude.

So there I was, editing compromising pics of myself for WEEKS, before I was fiddling around with the app figuring out the functions, when I came across my ‘followers’.

Yes, indeed I did have several males enjoying my ‘updates’ thoroughly.

Idiot girl.

Lesson learnt my friends, lesson learnt.


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One thought on “A Social Media Stuff-Up

  1. Your pic’s got me through many long and lonely nights! Yes my right arm is sore but totally worth it. Keep up the good work

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