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The Dreaded HSC

I participate in 10 things each morning without fail…

  1. Threaten iphone before switching first alarm off
  2. Grumpily switch the second alarm off
  3. Hit snooze when the third alarm dares to wake me from my slumber
  4. Check emails
  5. Hit snooze
  6. Retweet the shit out of those I follow
  7. Hit snooze
  8. Stalk my home page on facebook
  9. Feel awake and energised after morning tech fix
  10. Switch alarm off and get up

That really wasn’t very interesting to any of you was it? Anyway there is a point to my rambling. This morning when I logged on, I was inundated with status updates about HSC results (yes it appears I DO have 17-year-old fb friends, who wudda thought!) which brought me back to a time in my life MANY years ago (well 5)  that was, put simply, HELL.

I DESPISE exams, I always have. Give me an assignment and I’ll love you forever (loser), but exams? They give me the trots.

I remember ringing my best friend during the HSC (who is an even bigger stress-head than me) and we just sat on the phone sobbing to each other for no apparent reason. We were that dedicated to our studies that we went to my Nan and Pop’s beach house to study in silence for a week and went that stir-crazy that the occasional bird squawk erupted from our stress-induced clenched jaws. Not good.

All for what! A stinking mark that apparently determines how smart one is? PFT. I know some people who got a UAI of under 50 and still managed to get into uni. They now have degrees and are well on their way to an awesome career. So really if I could talk to my younger self I would have told her to pipe the f down. There’s more to life than a bloody mark or a stupid result. If you want something bad enough you’ll get it.

Oh and BTW anyone that puts your HSC or UAI results on your CV………..


Idiots. No one cares.


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