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Christmas used to be my favourite time of year.

This year? Not so much. Lets just say I was feeling less than merry. L So un-merry in fact, that at one point, when yet ANOTHER badly dressed santy pants ‘ho hoed’ his way on past me, gaggle of screaming brats on his heels, I literally wanted to….


Yes ladies and gentlemen I realise this is very Grinch-like and generally unforgivable.

So last night, after working all day followed by a five-hour drive and half a license and a hefty old fine later, I was home… minus any loitering cheer that was starting to peek on through.

Now this morning didn’t start of much better, after an unwelcomed early start while I’m still battling a cold, the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in an hour-long church service. And that’s before I proceeded to sneeze all over the reverend. SO going to hell. After the service, a family friend/old high school teacher, warmly greeted me promptly congratulated me on the ‘happy news’ about the impending baby I was apparently carrying on my uterus. She was mortified to learn that the round bump I was stroking was simply intolerance to the creamy carby pasta I’d eaten the night before (IBS) resulting in a wind baby AKA gas. Needless to say I am glad we spoke rather than an assumption going array on the small-town rumour mill.

BUT, when I got home all was well in the world again and I fell back in love with Christmas. We crowded around the tree and what ensued was a lovely few hours of gift giving and the ripping open of presents.  Bliss. It helped that most of my gifts were spot on (I’m very fussy and hard to buy for), and I’m now the proud owner of many new candles, an antique teapot, clothes and more clothes (which were handpicked), must reads, eclectic home wares, lingerie, fashion mags and luxe beauty prodz. Ahhhh.

Then we had a delightfully filling and fun lunch, full of bad bon-bon jokes and a plethora of food, followed by a blissful few hours spent poolside. (I may or may not have freakishly read an ENTIRE 359 page novel in that time – whoops #speedreader). We then went to the beach and had cheeses (food-gasm) out the back while the sun comes down.


And I actually feel relaxed! YAY!


So a day that I wasn’t looking forward to has turned out to be quite lovely thanks to some well-kept family Christmas traditions and immense relaxation.

I hope you have all had an amazeballs day too! Merry Christmas betches!


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