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Product Review: Yves Saint Laurent Forever Young

Glycobiology – The Future Of Skincare

I’m not really into science. I had 2 biology classes in year 11 before running straight into the arms of a design class which suited me MUCH better. The science behind the new Yves Saint Laurent skincare range however, is super exciting because it’s so darn cutting edge!

Glycobiology has to do with the structure, metabolism and biological role of glycans found in living beings. Glycans are macromolecules formed by chains of complex sugar. Research has demonstrated that glycans are present in the organism at three levels: in other words on the cell’s surface inside the cell and between the cells.
This particularity gives them three functions concerning the skin: metabolism of the cells, communication between the cells and the structure of the tissues which plays on the aspect of the skin. 
Used in cosmetics and skincare for the first time, glycobiology has become an innovative scientific field which helps better understand and combat visible signs of ageing. Found naturally in the skin, glycans are responsible for the transmission for the youth messages of the cells. With age, the rate and quantity of glycans diminishes, hindering the skin’s regeneration process. The first signs of ageing appear: wrinkles, loss of tone, and dull complexion.

Yves Saint Laurent has created a committee of scientific experts: YSL – SkinScience. These experts come from the various entities of L’Oréal Research and are joined by experts in dermatology and glycol-sciences. Amongst the billions of possibilities, the committee has identified an exclusive complex of 3 glycans which stimulates the skin’s three youth-promoting functions: the glycanactif ™ Backed by the latest discoveries in glycobiology, Yves Saint Laurent has introduced a breakthrough in skincare with Glycanactif™. Designed to work as a true “cellular key” this original complex has been developed to favour the mechanics of regeneration of the skin, therefore helping to unlock the potential for “youthful” skin.

My Glyco Guinea Pigs…

With 3 products to trial I thought it best to trial across 3 different people to see the differentiation of results on different skin types. I got my girlfriend who has dehydrated and slightly congested skin to trial the toner; my Mum with dry and ageing skin to trial the SPF Daily Moisturiser; and I personally trialled the eye serum hoping it would improved my wretched fine lines.

Toner: Forever Youth Liberator Lotion

If you met my girlfriend you would think she knew every skin trick in the book but if you talked to her you would be astonished how very little she knows about skincare. Seriously that gorgeous mug of hers is annoyingly perfect for someone who I once caught using cleansing milk on it as moisturiser… I wish I were kidding. After she received the toner I received the following message;

‘Kel question… Eye cream, toner and lotion, what order do I use them in? Xxx’

* Face palm.

Sigh. Seriously, sometimes I wonder what or if I have taught that girl anything. Anyway after clearing up the general order of a skincare regime she began using the toner morning and night allowing her moisturiser (actually not a lotion my love), to absorb easier and her skin to get an amazing kick of supple skin ingredients. And after seeing her latest fb pics, I can see that the proof is in the pudding with a gorgeously glowing mug of hers beaming at me from each shot. Result!

The ultra-gentle toner (marketed as a lotion) prepares the skin for the efficacy of your moisturiser. It immediately makes the complexion look more transparent, reduces the look of fatigue and leaves the skin feeling smoother, firmer, more toned and revitalised.

RRP $55. Available at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

Face Cream: Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Crème

Personally, I can’t stand products with SPF in them. (Skin sin I know.) They revolt me, so I quickly handed this one over to mumma dearest. She gladly obliged and immediately fell in love with the creamy texture. The Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Crème is a moisturising cream containing SPF protection and Glycanactif™ a patented combination of three glycans, which helps increase youthful activity in skin cells*. With SPF 15, this creme helps protect the skin against daily sun exposure. The Forever Youth Liberator Crème immediately makes the skin look more radiant, softer and more comfortable.

RRP $145. Available at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

Eye Serum: Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream

I DESPISE my fine lines, they are mostly dehydration but there are a few definite age lines that annoy me to no end. This prod was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It absorbed really quickly and appeared to smooth the crepeiness of my eye area. Loved it. The formula is designed to relax the whole eye contour area which is why I saw such great instant results.

RRP $99. Available at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.


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One thought on “Product Review: Yves Saint Laurent Forever Young

  1. Interesting observations – considering naturally occurring glycans were discovered around 20 years ago – and the process patented! Shame YSL have to synthesise them – what would you rather have – natural or synthetic??

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