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Andrew Heffernan: A Life Lost

At about 1am on Saturday morning, I was picking up a friend from the back entrance of The Hillside at Castle Hill. Little did we realise that out the front, a young mans life was ending after someone foolishly committed a Hit and Run.

Here we have yet another example of how appalling people can be, and a question of how little compassion and respect for humanity the mongrel who didn’t stop actually has.

Rumours are rife with allegations that Andrew Heffernan was lying injured for some time before his body was discovered, which begs the question ‘would he still be alive if the driver had stopped and gotten help’? Everyone makes mistakes while driving, unfortunately this one has ended in tragedy and for some weak leach of a person, they now have to deal with murder once they are caught rather than what could potentially have been grievous bodily harm. Something which although horrible, would be a far nicer outcome for all involved especially Andrew himself and those who knew him.


May the world rid itself with all the useless and evil baggage that is people like this.


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2 thoughts on “Andrew Heffernan: A Life Lost

  1. jackie on said:

    there must have been someone around that night to witness what happened. Are the taxi drivers all sticking together? how can this young man lay there injured without anyone seeing him If that taxi driver had stopped and called an ambulance I believe Andrew would be alive today. Andrews parents will never recover from the loss of their son

  2. You have posted a fantastic resource.

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