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Herbal Essences Competition WINNERS Announced!

Hello beauties!

Although I was immensely impressed with all of your ‘summer memories’ shared for the Herbal Essences competition, I did have to choose 3 winners. So here are my 3 favourite answers!

Fish’n’chips on the sand,

A cold beer in one hand,

Watching the sunset over the bay

That’s Summer, doing it my way!

– Lyndall Crisp 

My favourite summer memory is living in Sydney for a few months as a kid (I’m a kiwi). I went to school in Waverly – my dad would pick me up in the afternoon and we would walk together to Bronte Beach, swimming and sunbathing for a few hours before scurrying home and just beating my mum in the door on her way home from work. Dad and I kept up this big act that I had been doing homework all afternoon and even though I’m sure Mum saw through our ruse she still went along with it. That secret time skivving off made me so close to my dad and started a love affair with Sydney that led to me moving here as an adult! Dad and I still sometimes chuck a sickie from work and go to Bronte in the summer!

– Maddy 

The first summer I had my license and could drive to Old Bar beach and chill out for hours, at sunset when it’s slightly cooler, just watching the waves roll in. Usually munching on a Pineapple and Raspberry Callipo, listening to Jack Johnson. The ocean has always had such a calming effect on me, and having the freedom to go there whenever I want gives me joy to no end.

– Courtney S

Winners will be contacted via email.


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