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Girls – The Conversations We’ve All Had

The other day I was introduced (by a VERY excited friend) to Girls, a new TV series by HBO in its first season. Created by Lena Dunham (who writes, directs, produces and stars in the show, oh and BTW she is 2 years older than me *face palm), Girls follows the lives of a group of 24-year-old girls as they navigate the humiliations, disasters and rare triumphs of life as young women in a big city. In effect the show resonates with me so much because it IS me.

The trials and tribulations that these girls go though are what my friends and I are going through. Candied explorations into sexuality, experimentation and the weirdness of the female body are all discussed, resulting in many moments where you simply feel like your having a conversation with your own girls.

The shows inherent success lies within the wit, intelligent banter, raw nature, humour and refreshing tone. It offers us an extraordinary look into REAL womens lives who are just like us, which is something that other cult female shows (SATC & GG) fail at.

The series conveys authentic female friendships, the angst of emerging adulthood, nuanced relationships, self-esteem, body image, intimacy in a tech-savvy world that promotes distance, the bloodlust of surviving a city on very little money and the modern parenting of entitled children – all laced together with humor and poignancy.

I am obsessed.

Girls is the voice of our generation.


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3 thoughts on “Girls – The Conversations We’ve All Had

  1. caitandlaces on said:

    i feel like i’m friends with all of them!

  2. As a “real Hannah”, I never expected the show to be factually accurate, but I did hope for more emotional realism. Check out my Dear John Letter for Lena Dunham:

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