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Eylure Eyelashes: The Quickest & Easiest Falsies



Liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes are two things I can get pretty much down pat. Tinted eyebrows are another story. I do find though, that a lot of my girlfriends marvel at me when I am painstakingly applying each individual lash to the natural fellow with precision usually reserved for those performing a face lift (now THAT’S a job you wouldn’t want to f**k up). So I am here today to let all you lasses who struggle with the concept of falsies know, that you CAN apply them super easily! You just need the right set! So without further ado, I bring to you Eylure Eyelashes, PRE-GLUED (yes you read that correctly, no mess, no fuss) lashes that you simply place along your upper lash line and press down. After use, you peel them back (unlike other falsies these bad boys don’t rip out the poor real sods underneath) and you can re-use them again and again. SO IN LOVE! So easy! 🙂




RRP $9.99. Available from Coles, Woolworth’s, Target & Kmart. 











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