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Myer Spring Summer 2013 Collection Preview

Credit: Lucas Dawson


Dear Rachel Zoe: What’s With The Wig?


2011 Vogue Fashion Night Out Sydney

If you are unfortunate lucky enough to live in Sydney, there is a well-deserved treat on tonight for you. Vogue’s annual ‘Fashion Night Out’ is on yet again in the Sydney CBD, and most Sydneysiders (myself included) are super excited to get our paws on some great bargains and designer discounts. For all the information you could EVER want, visit the official site OR look at for the lovely ladies top ‘must-shops’.


See you there!



Trend Alert: Team Tortoiseshell Glasses With Red Lips NOW!

I just love this sophisticated look that boasts an air of intelligence and sex appeal. Get the look by pairing oversized tortoise-shell glasses with a bright red lip before sitting back and waiting for the heads to start turning…(well hopefully).

The Glasses

Save – Grab a pair from most chain stores, the markets, or even just pop the lenses out of some sunglasses. As the ‘indie’ trend is as popular as ever, most stores have an influx of styles you can choose from for less than $20. Nice.

Spend – These Jasper Conran specs are too cute and too on-trend. These are the ones I am sporting above and I am loving the contrast between the lightness of my hair with the bright lips and brownish frames. Available at Specsavers, these bad boys will set you back $299.

Splurge – A designer pair of glasses will up the style factor even further with a chic logo subtly spotted on the side of the frames. These Chanel beauties are so classic and chic, and the colour suits most skin tones and hair shades. Available from most Chanel stockists, POA.

The Lips…

Save – Look no further than the most classic of all brands and the most classic of all shades Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ‘Fire & Ice’ ($21.95). This is one of my all-time favourite beauty products and the colour is so spot on for my colouring (take note fair-skinned gals with blonde hair and blue eyes) and the formula is HEAVILY pigmented and cleverly stays on all day. Big hugs for this fellow.

Spend – As seen on moi in the above pics, L’Oreal Colour Riche Made For Me Intense ‘Red Passion 297’ ($25.95) is an intense shade, specifically made for the bevy of blondes around. That said, my beautiful brunette girlfriend looks absolutely smashing in said shade sooooooo really all girls can apply 🙂 OH AND its super lustrous and makes my lips feel nourished all day!

Splurge – Napoleon Perdis Goddess Lipstick ‘Xenia’ ($35) is a hot pick for many a business woman as it is strong and bold and alludes to their inner sex goddess (whether they want it to or not). I just love this prod and rec using a lip liner brush to really build up the colour and intensity. Start on the outer corners and gently work into the bow areas to achieve a fuller pout.


Say Hello To Bright Block Colours This Spring…

Open the pages of any current fashion magazine or visit any on-trend blog and you will notice one relatively bold thing in common; brights. A plethora of bright colours heavily pigmented into fabrics that are FINALLY being seen transferred from what we saw on the RAFW 2011 runway to reality. Here are a few of my bright and bold wardrobe faves!

The Crimson…

Clearly I ‘Love That Red’ and I just DIE for this gorgeous maxi skirt! The POP of colour references to the bold hues of the season and the loose, bohemian cut of the fabric represents my summer style perfectly.

$99.95. Click here to buy online.

The Jade…

This aqua/emeraldy colour contrasts beautifully with brunette locks and a tan complexion. Pair with a POP coloured pair of heels for a night out this spring. I love that this dress could also be worn solely as a top with black high-waisted wide-leg pants or as a skirt with a loose purple tee; juxtapose the fit and fabrics to fashion perfection.

$51.38. Click here to buy online.

The Cerulean…

Isn’t this Zimmermann playsuit the cutest thing since the Olsen twins had lisps! I die for this ‘effortlessly spring’ look that is perfect for afternoon BBQ’s as we soon begin to lap up the luxury of daylight savings.

$305.Click here to buy online.

The Magenta…

Are these shorts not the greatest colour you have ever seen? A hue guaranteed to make the grumpiest of grumps glow in your presence. Team with a fitted body suit for casual day wear, dress up with heels and a great blazer, or make it office appropriate by taming it down with a white collared shirt.

$495. Click here to buy online.

The Violet…

Transfer the winter plum trend into your spring wardrobe by amping up the colour factor to a bright amethyst. Colour block with emerald or orange, clash with pink, and tone it down with pastels, whites and blacks. Love.

£797.60. Click here to buy online.

The Mustard…

Ksubi’s burnout cotton-blend T-shirt is the perfect way to tap summer’s colour crush. Slip on this sheer orange style with a simple cami and commit to a statement-making combination with popping-pink shorts.

£70.83. Click here to buy online.

The Ginger..

I love Halston Heritage for its standout party dresses, and this deftly pleated chiffon gown is one of my absolute favourites for the new season. Set off the spicy hue with crystal-embellished accessories to ensure you dazzle on the dance floor.

£870.10. Click here to buy online.

The Lime…

In neon bright citrus, the Manning Cartell Felucca dress is this seasons must-have spring dress.With a graduated hemline, it looks great worn loose or belted with chunky ankle boots.

$499. Click here to buy online.

The Azure…

This tailored cobalt blue bandeau jumpsuit sets the style trends for summer. Team with heels and chunky earring for a night look or with long whimsical hair and sandals for day.
$94.19. Click here to buy online.

Angelina Jolie Sans Makeup? REALLY?

This is the primary visual for the NEW Louis Vuitton campaign for ‘Core Values’. Shot in Cambodia, the reps are insisting Ange is without makeup and I don’t buy it for a minute. I mean reallly….REALLY! No one and I mean NO ONE ‘wakes up’ with a smokey eye, perfectly pink lips and contoured cheek bones. It just does not happen.


So if they really did not use makeup then they sure as hell did in the airbrushing soft edit studio.


So onto you.


Oh and another thing. (Just to take another swipe.)


The campaign is for ‘Core Values’, they shot it in Cambodia (one of the worlds poorest countries) which is where Ange has done charity work and also where she adopted her first child (Maddox) from. She also reportedly donated the majority of her $10M payout. And the campaign is encouraging others to do the same  (obviously on a MUCH smaller scale.)


My point?


The bag featured in said campaign. The bag LV are encouraging people to buy.


Is worth approx $15K.


The amount which would feed pretty much the entire country for a week.


Go figure. 




Zara @ Sydney – Who The F Cares

I was actually astounded by the amount of people lined up outside the new Australian flagship store in Sydney during the week. (No I was NOT one of them).

People were actually being barricaded into a line-up on par with the start of a festival.

For clothes.


Now its a well established fact that I am a huge lover of all things fashion, style and shopping. And like any girl I am a BIG fan of high-street fashion at chain-store prices. Who isn’t.

But really ladies, are you that materialistic that the highlight of your week is a store opening. And a store that sells things we HAVE been privy to for many years.

Girls are getting so excited because the items that have only been accessible when they or a close friend go OS to before are now on our doorstep. But they clearly are as dumb as they appear. (Who would actually wait for 2 hours in a line is beyond me). Are these girls that dense that they don’t realise that the entire APPEAL of Zara was that they could source these amazing, cheap pieces that no-one else had….

There yet?

NOW EVERY FREAKING GIRL WILL BE WEARING ZARA. You will all be little zara-bots and look as generic and cheap as girls who solely shop at Supre.

Another thing that cracked me up was that Newspapers and blogs were saying that some  girls were lining up from like 3:30 am…………

For clothes. CHEAP clothes. Who actually has the time for that?

I would get it if it was a one-off sale on say Birkin Bags….(getting chills just thinking about it), it would be totes understandable if you waited in line for a bargain Birkin because its highly unlikely of reoccurring.

Zara will be getting new things in every day and they have an abundance of sizes for every item. It’s really not that exciting.

And no I am NOT saying I will never go there, like all chain-stores you can occasionally pick up a great piece. What I don’t get is the fuss.

It’s Supre with a chicer background.
Get over it.



Why I Hate Fashion Blogs

Seriously? You think you look good? SERIOUSLY!

Now I am going to begin this highly opinionated piece by saying that there are a select few fashion blogs that I think are FABULOUS. But they are rarer than cheap fuel.

Now I love fashion and clothes and pretty fashion pictures just as much or even more than your average non-butch gal. I can name most designers just by looking at an article of clothing and totally understand the power of the LBD paired with killer accessories. But what I DON’T get is the ridiculous wave of the ‘new’ sources of fashion. The damn blogs. Girls and guys (another annoyance) deem it perfectly cool and acceptable to take vain and self-indulgent photos of themselves wearing second-hand combat boots (EW EW EWWWWWWWW), with a silk nightgown and their dads old denim jacket and then post it online.

ACTUAL fashion peeps are making it worse by calling them ‘the-next-big-things’ in fashion and designers are jumping on the bandwagon and using them as their muses. (They really can’t help it though, designers are as fickle as some of the fabrics they use and as strong-willed as a junkie being offered free heroin. They just do whatever other designers and magazines tell them to do.)

What drives me crazier is that most of the fashion bloggers are seriously ‘alternative‘ (and you all know how much I HATE alternatives….Dream on alternatives. You are nothing but smelly mainstream twats.and for some reason truly do believe that they look great and that fashion is the most important thing in the world.

And yes I do realise that I get equally excited about a new shade of fuchsia lipstick as a fashion blogger does about ‘vintage shorts that they can sew studs on’. BUT I am totally aware about how silly I sound sometimes and at least ramble on with a sense of humour (well I think I do :)). ALSO I don’t smear said fuchsia lipstick over my cheeks joker style and call it a ‘beauty trend’ (I seriously wouldn’t put it past a fashion blogger to do this “oh but its a reflection of beauty as art” – loser).

Crack a smile fashion bloggers and perhaps put on a clean un-ripped shirt.




On-Trend: Orange Infusions

“And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Legally Blonde. Clearly 10 years later this is SO not the case, considering orange is hotter than our damn summer has been. (FYI Could not BE any happier that the asshole that was summer 10/11 is over….yes I did just refer to a season as an asshole….well it was!)

Nevertheless at the recent fashion shows, labels were parading brightly infused colours in the orange family, which POPPED against the palette of nuetrals used in the base of the collections.

Personally I think that orange works best in small injections. A splash of it here and there. Try a bold accessory or a bright beauty bit to make the most of this hot new trend.


Marc by Marc Jacobs bag - A gorgeous hue of orange in luxe leather.


Hermes scarf in iconic print


Christian Louboutin's Carrie herself would approve of


MAC Morange lipstick


Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick


OPI Brights in Atomic Orange


Chanel Nail Varnish in Orange Fizz




Academy Awards 2011: The Frocks, Films and All the Fun

I look forward to the Academy Awards more than my birthday. The awards, the speeches, the stars and of course the fashion. The dresses, accessories, jewels, hairstyles and beauty looks that set the trends for the months to come.

So lets look at the best bits of this years oscars…well my fave bits 🙂

Anne Hathaway arrived on the red carpet positively beaming. She had a right to her grin considering she was wearing Valentino both on her body and on her arm.

Lucky duck. Anne and James Franco made lovely (if not slightly staged) hosts; the ceremony was reflective on cinema history, classic, entertaining and filled with stars. Oh to be a fly on the wall. Anne changed into a multitude of gorgeous gowns throughout the night but my favourite outfit by far was her suit and high thick ponytail. So elegantly chic.

Click here to see the opening segment, I LOVED it. SUPER funny!

Best Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo was almost unrecognisable from her character in 'The Fighter' ....before she dropped the f-bomb on national LIVE TV. Whoops.

Natalie Portman looking simply stunning in Rodarte. Her acceptance speech when she won best actress was just like her gown; demure, beautiful and full of life..

Sandra Bullock was ravishing in Vera Wang. My favourite look of the day; her red dress, luminous clear skin, red lips and chic bun were the epitome of Hollywood glamour

Scarlett Johansson looked lovely in Dolce. It was very demure and her soft hair only prettified the look further.

Ahhh Gucci - Your magestic creations are forever inspiring. If only Miss Swanks bone features weren't so brutal.

Mila Kunis looked ridiculously beautiful in this whimsical creation of chiffon by Elle Saab. Lancome makeup artists used neutral tones to enhance the Black Swans natural beauty.

Rachel Zoe is a lover of Marchesa and this look channels her style so closely I'm wondering if Miss Berry has jumped on the Zoebot bandwagon.....nevertheless she looks AMAZING. The glowing, coffee coloured complexion with brown smokey eyes and her choppy pixie cut only exemplified her majestic beauty.

News sites and fashion blogs globally are all painting Cate as the worst dressed. I don't think so. Not many people can pull of this futuristic yet classically gorgeous trend, yet Cate and this Givenchy gown pair perfectly together. Her minimalistic makeup and perfectly coffied blonde hair kept the look chic and polished.

Michelle Williams simply shone in this Chanel number that sparkled as she shimmied down the red carpet. And zoom in on her lashes, PHENOMENAL. Ridiculously long without seemingly fake...hmmmm whats the secret!

Gone are the days when Amy Adams was seen as the annoying voice who annoyed us in films like 'The Wedding Date'. This gorgeous woman has swanned herself into the public showing of a new modest look with gowns like this one, and THAT beautiful red hair.

Collette Dinigan was this Australians fashion choice and with good measure. The Animal Kingdom star looked FABULOUS!

Nicole copped a lot of flack for this Vintage Dior choice. I think she looked gorgeous!


The important deets – Best Actress award went to Natalie Portman for her portrayel as Nina in Black Swan. Best Actor to Colin Firth in The Kings Speech which ALSO won Best Picture.


Which was your favourite red carpet look?




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