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Angelica: Your Skin’s Answer To Hydration

Thanks to Australia’s harsh sun, a constant infliction of AC, prescription only acne-gel, and a sometimes poor diet lacking in water-rich foods; my skin at the best of times is generally pretty dehydrated and the rest is an extreme mix between dry and oily.

So how do I KNOW that my skin is dehydrated rather than just dry? This is one question I get asked on a daily basis with most people using products that are suited towards dryer skin types when in fact they should be targeting their skin’s DEHYDRATION. So how do you tell the difference?

Dry skin is visibly sallow and extremely dull looking. It will look lack-luster and can even flake. Dry skin usually feels exceptionally tight and your pores will be barely visible if at all. Wrinkles are more prominent and skin can feel itchy and uncomfortable. Dry skin will generally be VERY sensitive and react easily to different products, which is why it’s best to stick with a simple regime boasting products with high moisture properties.

DEHYDRATED skin is super easy to self diagnose. Look closely in a mirror before pushing the skin on your cheek towards your eye. Is there a crepe papery effect? Are there visible fine lines around your eyes and/or on your forehead that probably shouldn’t be there just yet? Is your skin still prone to oiliness yet it looks dull rather than all glowy?

Any yes answers to the above are probably suffers of skin dehydration.

Better yet just head to your nearest L’Occitane boutique for a skincare consultation and the friendly staff can actually test your skin’s hydration levels. 🙂

That’s what I did and my skin’s hydration level read at a measly 38% 😮 (Generally 40-70% is considered normal yet dehydrated).

Oh rats 😦

Note the wretched fine lines lurking around my eyes & on my forehead. BAD hydration levels BAD!

So I discovered the power of Angelica and have fallen in ridiculous amounts of love with the prodz.

You see, all skin needs is a mixture of oils and water in skincare for it to remain balanced and feel comfortable. Angelica stimulates the production of aquaporins (the skin’s water channels) and makes them efficient, maximizing levels of hydration. The Angelica range contains the following PLANT BASED AND ORGANIC ingredients in the delicious and luxe formulas. The Angelica ingredients are extracted from the roots of the Angelica plant that has marvelous abilities for self-hydration. The cheeky plant can grow 2-meters in a matter of days! 

  • Angelica Water: Boosts the production of the aquaporins, which boosts the skin’s hydration making it plumper and more radiant.
  • Angelica Essential Oil: Protects your skin against free radicals (the nasties that increase premature ageing).
Borage Oil: Works with the skin’s natural oils so that your skin can seal water in rather than it quickly losing its water levels.

The combination of the above result in a very happy epidermis that retains water far better. YAY FOR PRETTY AND DEWY SKIN!

The Prodz

Gel Cleanser

An ultra-light and ridiculously fresh gel that gently removes make-up and impurities while protecting the skin’s hydrolipidic film to reveal the skin’s natural radiance. This is an absolute GEM of a cleanser and poops all over some far more expensive cleansers I’ve used (and I’ve used more cleansers than Miley Cyrus has received flack for that silly haircut… heaps right!). A steal at only $26. This is a beauty must-have.


First up this bad boy is alcohol free which is super as alcohol only dries out your skin. (On a side note did you know that some TRUSTED toners on the current market have so much alcohol in them you can remove nail polish with it? *Cough Proactive. *Cough Clinique.) The toner in the Angelica range is also only $26 and prepares your skin for your treatment products and moisture. A toner is imperative for any skincare regime as it removes all traces of grot and impurities that the cleanser may have missed and this gem also aids in hydration.

Exfoliating Gel

What some people don’t realise is that some face scrubs on the market don’t use ROUND exfoliating particles to slough of dead skin cells. So in effect some abrasive products are actually causing tiny scars on your face as you scratch the skin’s surface. This exfoliating gel is very gentle (yet does the job) as it contains microbeads to massage away all the none-essentials, leaving your face youthful and fresh looking. A real radiance booster. (Use 1-3 times per week.) RRP $32.

Hydrating Mask

Primarily water based, this bad-boy takes your skin from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. I’ve been using this before I go out of a night and my skin retains its ‘dewiness’ even after I’ve plastered makeup on my mug and crumped excessively. RRP $40.

Eye Gel

I’ve banged on about eye rollerballs here and I still love these prodz. But this fellow is pretty special. An ultra fresh gel that decongests the eye area with an instant cooling effect. It boosts microcirculation and works to reduce dark circles and puffiness while immediately tightening the skin around the eye. I keep him in the fridge for an added pick-me-up in the AM and a see-ya to my puffy ‘I wanna go back to sleep’ eyes. RRP $30.


A light, fresh lotion that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration, helping to improve skin elasticity while protecting against free radicals and sun damage. I am not usually a fan of SPF products (skin sin I know) but used sparingly this delightful lotion doesn’t clog my pores. RRP $46.

Hydration Cream

My favourite product in the range (big call as they are all amaze) this opulent cream is so fresh and silky, it makes my cheeks as smooth as a babies sweet little bottom.  Try this for complete 24-hour hydration. RRP $52.

Hydration Face Mist

Pop one of these in your beach bag this summer for a perfect dose of hydration throughout long summer days. As it’s a light mist you can use over makeup and instead of making your face ‘slide’ it simply sets it in a very model glowy way. Love it. RRP $22.

So what did my skin look like after a facial using the products?

Well another water level test proved my hydration levels SKYROCKETED and my skin looked simply lovely (if I do say so myself) at a girlfriends birthday that night.

After Angelica!


All of these products and a FREE skin consultation can be found at all boutiques nationwide.


One lucky LTR reader can go into the draw to win my FAVOURITE product in the range, The Angelica Hydration Cream, and then you too can begin seeing some amazing hydrating results!

To enter, tell me about your favourite ‘water’ experience. Mine is definitely when I sat underneath a waterfall with my home girl on a tropical island, sipping on cocktails as the water beat down on our tired shoulders (you know, from all the strenuous holidaying). BLISS.


Skincare Ingredient Secrets: Angelica

For many of us mere mortals, looking at the ingredients list on a prod box is like trying to work out codes in the matrix. What we are wanting to slather on our mugs reads like a science experiment gone awry. And most of us failed chemistry, yes? So it is no surprise that we slather and smear ourselves with formulations we have NO IDEA about. And the cheeky buggers in marketing spin different words and label certain ingredients with terms like ‘patented’ and ‘miracle’ and ‘award winning’. It generally succeeds in encouraging us to part with our hard-earned dosh which is silly if we have no idea what is in it. For all you know you could be paying for glorified sorbolene. So that’s where I come in. Over the next few weeks I’m going to give you a few lessons in ‘skincare ingredient secrets’ that will make you a much smarter and savvier skincare shopper.

Lesson One: Angelica. My fave new source of hydration.

The Angelica flower hails from Provence, France, and boasts a unique relationship with water. The Angelica plant draws water from deep in the ground to hydrate itself, growing to improbable heights with this hidden talent. Once blended into beauty formulations, the Angelica plant activates the aquaporins, or water channels within the skin. Products with Angelica water, extract or essential oils are perfect for anyone with dry, dull and dehydrated skin; bringing a youthful, hydrated glow to even the sallowest of complexions.

My fave ‘Angelica’ prodz…

This recovery shampoo is perfect for fine, dry or broken coloured hair. (Could be an ad description for my hair if we replaced fine with boofy.) I’ve been in love with the KEVIN.MURPHY ANGEL.WASH since I saw the man himself using it on models backstage at RAFW; the models hair had so much crap and prod residue in their hair that they needed a good shampooing before he worked his magic. Enter ANGEL.WASH. It cleanses the hair without stripping the colours or natural oils resulting in clean and silky locks you’ll fall in love with. Angelica root extract keeps the strands hydrated whilst the essential oil of grapefruit does a cleaning job Nan would be proud of. ($29.95 Available at selected hair salons nationally.)

My Thoughts…

Left my hair feeling soft and without that horrendous ‘squeaky’ feeling so many shampoos seem to deem appropriate to leave on my head. I love massaging it deep into the roots as it prolongs my need to wash for a few extra days.

Here is a quick way to test the hydration levels of your skin. Between your thumb and your forefinger push the skin on the apples of your cheeks together. Do you get a crêpey almost papery look to the area? Yep you like the majority of everyone else suffer from DEHYDRATED not DRY skin. And the result is a sallow complexion without the warmth and radiance we so desperately wish to obtain.  Say hello to your new bestie; L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream, a gem that has only JUST been released to the Australian market. Provides long-lasting hydration and leaves a fresh and silky face thanks to the main ingredients of angelica water (found in the plants roots) and angelica essential oil.

My Thoughts…




At first I turned my nose up at this baby due to it having a rather noticeable ‘green’ (aka grassy) scent. Not my cup of tea. However after reluctantly trying it I realised the scent was gone in seconds due to the fast absorbing and non-greasy BRILLIANT formula. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple whilst creating a hydrated base for me to work with each day. For me, another added bonus is that it doesn’t clog my pores and create pesky pimples as plenty of rich creams on the market tend to.  

Keep this divine hand and body wash in your own private bathroom because the delicious scent will have your whole household pumping for more. MOR Classic Collection Hand & Body Wash – Snow Gardenia has a gentle formula and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. The formula is enriched with refreshing aloe, angelica and chamomile to leave skin feeling soft, and features fragrant notes of gardenia, juniper berry, ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood to linger on the skin. Angelica, a key ingredient, keeps the wash from being to drying and helps keep the delicate skin nourished. ($29.95 Available from most major department stores and selected pharmacies nationwide.)

Bless Bobbi Brown and her clever concoctions. The Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25 is a moisturising treatment foundation that combines the intensive skin nourishing benefits with daily sun protection. The super emollient formula gives skin a fresh, dewy and healthy looking glow and also helps undo the visible signs of ageing by smoothing out lines, while firming and lifting skin’s appearance. The foundation contains sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, willowherb and evening primrose oils to deeply moisturise and condition skin. Shea and muru muru butters strengthen skin’s natural barrier, improving its ability to lock in moisture and prevent future damage. It also includes angelica and chamomile to calm and soothe, vitamin E to protect against free radicals and treated pigments to deliver natural-looking medium to full coverage that lasts without settling into liner or pores. A truly genius product. ($132 Available from David Jones.)

Lalisse Anti-Spot Skin Serum No.2 provides deep penetration to help treat cystic and hormonal acne. (Big bumps under the skin that generally sit on your chin and jaw line.) It works to improve circulation, clear pores and help boost the body’s natural defenses. It contains apricot, peach and gingko seed extracts to kill off the infection; together with angelica and sanchi root extract to keep the area hydrated. The best thing is that this serum kills the suckers without drying out the skin. Nothing worse than a flaky looking zit hanging off your chin. ($22.95


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