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Beauty & Skincare: Everyday Opulence

Just because your bank account doesn’t cater towards your penchant for Choo’s, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the finer things in life. Add a touch of luxe with these decadent delights….

Creme De La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream

This is the famous skincare brands NEW take on the original cult cream, which delivers the same amount of age-defying Miracle Both (the secret formula La Mer is renowned for) as the original version. Perfect for people who found the original too rich for their oily or combination skin type, this is an almost gel-like consistency & absorbs like a dream! $250

Danné Montague-King ACU-MIST

This new hydrating & anti-bacterial mist is perfect for blemish/acne prone skin sufferers to have perched on their desk. Formulated to help acne sufferers restore the acid mantle (skin barrier), it eliminates acne-causing bacteria fast, as well as hydrating the skin and protecting against trans epidermal water loss. Perfect for people who feel like their skin ‘breeds’ blemishes during the day. Thank me later. $49.50 1300 00 SKIN

Yves Saint Laurent Blush Radiance

A good blush will lift your cheekbones, create a shimmering air of health & give your general complexion radiance. This chic YSL compact adds just a flush of colour to the cheeks. The blush formula seamlessly blends matte and iridescent textures to create a shimmery look. Containing self-adapting pigments, the formula works to capture and transform light intensity into a vibrant colour source that compliments any complexion. $72 Myer & David Jones

Dior Serum de Rouge

A new generation of lipstick that combines an elixir of active skincare ingredients with pure pigments for lasting radiance (AKA colour that lasts forever without getting all feral & flakey). Highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid microspheres that increase in volume upon contact with lips, the formula fills micro-wrinkles and eliminates the appearance of minor flaws in skin texture. $58 02 9695 4800

La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare

If you’ve been privy to any of my skincare posts before, you know how much I despise eye wrinkles like crows feet *shudder*… Soooo it should be no surprise that this little gem is on my list of must-haves as it’s one of the best eye creams on the current market. It brightens & tightens skin tissue while decelerating ageing by enabling ageing skin to reflect light in the same manner as young skin. The formula contains soft focus diamond core powder to reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles (while also lending a subtle sheen). The illuminating effect is enhanced by a dual peptide complex that helps eliminate dark circles under the eyes by strengthening the skin’s support system by activating the skin’s own elimination system. The tightening effect comes from the natural tensing action of polysaccharide & acacia gum that forms an invisible mesh on the skin surface to produce an immediate lift and visibly decrease wrinkle depth. Wax helps prevent the adipocytes reducing the feeling of puffiness under the eyes. This is enhanced by caffeine which aids the removal of excess toxins. $490 1800 251 010

Sisley Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch

The BEST mascara I have ever used (big call I know), this is my go-to product for day wear in ‘Deep Brown’. It defines, curls & lengthens lashes with a single flick. The mascara helps to reinforce and protect lashes leaving them silky & supple. Can’t stress how amazing this product is! $70 1300 780 80

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

For the ultimate relaxing & indulgent shower experience, look no further than a slathering of this beautiful almond oil. One of my all-time favourite L’Occitane products, this silkily textured shower oil emulsifies with water creating a gorgeously luxurious cleansing milk. $52 02 8912 3000

Molton Brown Celestial Maracuja Body Souffle

An indulgent moisturiser for the body & senses, this soufflé is infused with organic Amazonian maracuja passionflower, caramel and olive oil to moisturise, soften and richly fragrance the skin. The fragrance is soft & delightful and your skin feels like heaven for hours! $92 QVB

Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25

Protect your mug while looking uber flawless with this super emollient formula. A moisturising treatment foundation that gives skin a fresh, dewy and healthy looking glow and also helps undo the visible signs of ageing by smoothing out lines, while firming and lifting skin’s appearance. $132 David Jones





Eylure Eyelashes: The Quickest & Easiest Falsies



Liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes are two things I can get pretty much down pat. Tinted eyebrows are another story. I do find though, that a lot of my girlfriends marvel at me when I am painstakingly applying each individual lash to the natural fellow with precision usually reserved for those performing a face lift (now THAT’S a job you wouldn’t want to f**k up). So I am here today to let all you lasses who struggle with the concept of falsies know, that you CAN apply them super easily! You just need the right set! So without further ado, I bring to you Eylure Eyelashes, PRE-GLUED (yes you read that correctly, no mess, no fuss) lashes that you simply place along your upper lash line and press down. After use, you peel them back (unlike other falsies these bad boys don’t rip out the poor real sods underneath) and you can re-use them again and again. SO IN LOVE! So easy! 🙂




RRP $9.99. Available from Coles, Woolworth’s, Target & Kmart. 











Beauty Review: Max Factor Makeup

I was recently lucky enough to enjoy a makeup master class with Max Factors head of makeup artistry, Liz Kelsh.

Lovely & SUCH A Babe

It was here that I learnt just how to obtain some of the key looks used at the recent MBFWA and also a few tips on my own personal grooming. (One look at me and she asked if I ‘always wore such dark foundation’… :o) Whoops! I had thought it was pretty much on par with my skin tone!

The Makeup Masterclass

What I learnt…


‘Foundation is like a bra, women are always wearing the wrong one’ – Liz Kelsh

The lovely Liz expertly chose me a foundation shade in the delightful ‘Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation’ (I was ‘natural’ btw, wayyyyy lighter than what I would have thought!)

What Max Factor says about the prod…

With a unique lightweight solid to liquid formula it removes the need for the traditional concealer, foundation and powder combination and instead creates the perfect base in just one easy application. The result is a flawless, fresh and incredibly smooth complexion that glows with radiance.

Tips from Liz…

Using the supplied spongy thing (which I rec washing a few times per week in order to lower the risk of spreading bacteria), apply liberally over your t-zone before smoothing excess out towards the sides of your face. Use short sweeping motions and use your fingers to blend the colour evenly. Dab extra product under the eyes and over any other problem area to build the coverage rather than adding a concealer.

Liz also suggests applying a few shades of foundation to your jaw line when choosing your correct colour. The one that is least visible is your correct shade. Wearing a darker shade will not make you look tan, it will only cause a ‘mask’ effect. If you want a bronze glow then use a bronzer!

What I thought…

At the time of the event my skin was in horrific condition and we were also in white lighting so I didn’t think it had enough coverage for me. Now it’s my daily staple! I love how light and natural it is and it smoothes out my complexion without looking like I’m wearing foundation the way I usually do. Dang it, she was right! I AM a lot paler than I thought!


Blush is used to add colour and dimension to our face. A blank canvas is always dull, no matter the subject matter. I usually choose really girly pretty pinks for blush so I was a touch apprehensive when Liz chose ‘Mulberry’, a colour I would have usually deemed ‘Nana-ish’.

What Max Factor says…

This sheer, soft blusher blends easily into your skin leaving a hint of colour that completes any make-up look. Use Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush to define your cheekbones or simply let the luxurious and soft texture freshen your complexion.

Tips from Liz…

Blow the excess powder from the blusher brush before gently dusting upwards over your cheekbones. Blush should always look natural!

What I thought…

Well. Yet again she knew best as I am LOVING this whole grown-up, natural thing that’s going on with my normally barbie-ish mug.


We used 3 products on my peepers; Liquid Effect Pencil in ‘Black Fire’, Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in ‘Pearl Beige’, and False Lash Effect Black Mascara.

What Max Factor says…

For liquid-like intensity and long lasting colour try Liquid Effect Pencil Eyeliner and get expert precision in an easy to apply pencil. The intense finish and depth of colour of this new eye pencil gives the dramatic framing and definition you would expect from a liquid liner. Use the smart smudging tip on the end of the pencil to blend the liner slightly and take your look from day to night in one simple stroke!

New Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow is the ultimate way to precisely defined eyes. As part of the Masterpiece Collection it comes straight from the kits of top catwalk make-up artists and is available in a range of must-have shades. Immaculate eyeshadow just got a whole lot easier.

New False Lash Effect Mascara doubles your lash size with the impact of false lashes without the fuss. It is this season’s make up artist must have. The secret is in the lash boosting combination of Max Factor’s biggest brush ever combined with patented Liquid LashTM technology. Now with every volumising coat the big brush sweeps right to the tips giving your lashes fullness and head turning attitude.

What Liz thinks…

The eyeliner is her ‘must-have’ and she is absolutely obsessed with it. With a bit a practice she says that everyone can do a smokey eye, winged eye or even just a sexy smudged eye. Liz is adamant that every woman NEEDS this in her beauty bag and the woman is a genius so… listen.

What I think…

Although the eyeliner is amazing, I royally f-ed it up the first time I tried to sharpen it 😦 This makes me sad as I was in LOVE.  Liz taught me to apply the eyeshadow only to my inner eye ‘v’ to make the eyeliner stand out more and my eyes to pop. This eyeshadow is super pretty (albeit not very practical for daywear) and you can also use it to highlight your cheekbones, however pat in quickly as once it sets it won’t move (which is awesome for your eyelids but not so much your cheeks). The mascara is lovely, and one of the better ‘false lash’ mascaras on the market. If you are after mascara that gives your lashes oomph and volume, then forgo this bad boy as although he is a gem at lengthening and finding the white strays he fails to plump them out. I actually like this as I hate lash thickness and potential glugs but most gals like a bit of volume with their length so keep this in mind.


As a lipstick bag was passed around, we were asked to select whatever colour we liked. Obviously I choose red 🙂 BRIGHT red! Every time I’ve worn it since I’ve gotten compliments from peeps, ‘really suits you’ etc so if you have similar colouring to me take note!

What Max Factor says…

For instant fabulous colour and smoother, softer lips overtime look no further than Max Factor’s new Colour Elixir Lipstick. The Elixir formula contains a 60% blend of skin emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including vitamin E, for a visible transformation in the look and feel of your lips in just 7-days. As you apply the Colour Elixir Lipstick, it actively moisturises and smoothes lips. Enjoy rich and gorgeous looking colour on smooth beautiful lips

What Liz says…

Luscious lips are an iconic, classic look, and keeping your lips in good condition is key! Lips are more prone to drying than regular skin and a good lip care regime is the starting point for any great lip colour look…

What I thought…

Lovely, LOVELY colour. Team with big curls and a LBD for instant classic chic.

Finished Look – please excuse my boofy mane & weird looking smile


4 Prodz You Need ASAP

Read more…

10 Holiday Must-Have Prodz

I recently holidayed on the GC and as you can imagine spent FAR too much time in the sun, drank FAR to many mojitos, and disregarded FAR too many of my usual beauty routines. Thus I spent the week looking more ‘surfer’ chic than tres chic. BUT without these 10 gems I would have looked more cheap chic than anything, so for that I commend them…


1. Redken Slim Supreme. The hair serum that kept my mane from getting to outta-control and boofy the way it usually deems acceptable on holidays the big, blonde bugger. Apply after washing onto towel-dried hair for silky and smooth locks.

2. Hollywood No-Shows. The disposable nipple concealers that allowed me to last pretty much the whole week completely bra-less without the entire stretch of cavil avenue aware of when a gust of wind made me slightly chilly…or when the tall hot lifeguard walked past I JOKE.

CAN Go Braless!

3. Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo. When I’m on hols I get a little blazey (beauty lazy –clever huh) and don’t really partake in the same level of grooming standards I adhere to in Sydney. In other words I totally got away without washing my hair for DAYS on end by using this bad boy. The mix of dry-shampoo with salt and sweat (ew but true) created this awesome ‘rock-chick do’ that was all street cred and gritty pretty. SO something I can’t usually pull off.  Quick Tip: To achieve, spray directly onto dirty roots and rub in before semi-styling. Voila – that’s it.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Le Bateleur Cologne. An amaze-balls uni-sex scent that blended perfectly from beach to bar. Not to strong, it is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and really baffles fragrance connoisseurs as it smells different (yet AH-MAZ-ING) on everyone.

4. Maybelline Lipcolour in Coral Crush 515. This has been a fave lippie of mine for a looonnggg time now, as the colour suits me perfectly. It’s got a touch of red, a smidgen of orange and a whole lotta pink in it and it’s just PERFECT for the warmer months as its so darn tropical. Wear understated with a slick of balm underneath to keep the hue light (I rec L’Occitane pure shea butter so your pout simultaneously gets all hydrated) or make it the main focus by wearing intensely pigmented (read-SLICK.IT.ON), teaming with a simple slick of mascara for a super cute doe-eyed effect.

❤ Coral Crush

5. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and Benefit The Porefessional. When I’m in a warmer climate my skin goes uber-oily and my pores seem to double in size. Yuck. So I used these bad boys and bless them, they diminished the appearance stat. (Note: They did not SHRINK my pores just covered them up and reduced the appearance after application.) Mr Clinique was applied first and by golly he does a fine job of bringing healthier skin cells to the surface for a ‘tighter’ appearance; then comes Mrs Benefit (they work best as a cute couple) with her uncanny ability to say see-ya to my pores as she fills them in and creates the perfect base for my makeup.

6. SHE Pure Magic Primer. Now although I only applied a full set of makeup twice on my trip (hello Melbourne Cup) I would have had my mascara perched down on my jaw line without this prim and proper primer. I love it that she’s a prude and won’t let the other prodz slut themselves all over my face. Use alone for a flawless complexion of under makeup for all-day wear. LOOOOOVVVEEE!

7. M.A.C ‘Something Special’ Cremeblend Blush. Still my fave blush, I just love this gooey blend of goodness. It gives your cheekbones a gorgeous glow of radiance that is set in the most pretty of perfect pinks. Quick Tip: As a crème blush, it can come of easily, so for continuous wear apply a dusting of powder blush over the top to set. (Hint – Napoleon Perdis Cheek To Chic Duo.)

MAC = Voila Cheekbones!

9. OPI Atomic Orange Nail Lacquer. This was the shade I sported on my fingers and toes all week, as it doesn’t chip and looked fab against my tan (albeit a bad tan…which is another story).

10.  Formula 10.0.6 Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes. At the end of a big night, these gems kept me from ever looking like a bad panda the next morning, as even if I ignored teeth cleaning (bad Kelly bad!) I always ‘baby-wiped’ myself, as I love to refer to it. It wasn’t just me, my pack magically got smaller as the week went on yet I only used one per day so I’m quite sure some other naughty rascals relied on them too!

It should be noted that my ghd, energy drinks and an ability to laugh at my orange ankles were also ingredients to a fantastic and sometimes fabulous looking week. 🙂


Best Beauty Buys: Youngblood Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream

If your anything like me, some mornings can arrive with a hefty dose of puffy, red, and in general so-not-chic eyes. You blearily look in the mirror only to wake yourself up by jumping back in fright. Who IS that crazy looking girl with eyes only Freddy Kruger himself would envy?!
Well ladies (and gents if you please) have I got a quick fix for you. Welcome Youngblood’s Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream into your beauty cupboards stat for instant pretty eye cred. You will not be disappointed. This baby is a hydrating, illuminating eye cream that reduces the signs of fatigue around the delicate eye area. The all-natural formula cools instantly to help minimise puffiness, reduce dark circles, and smooth fine lines. YES PLEASE! The eye cream contains Tibetan gogi berry, which is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, seve marine – a green algae extract that replenishes dehydrated skin, hylauronic acid, and menthol.

RRP $39.95. Available online at and selected beauticians and salons nationwide.


Product Review: Makeup Brush Cleaners

Ever wondered why despite having thrice monthly facials, drinking 2-litres of water per day, AND having a skin-care regime supermodels would be proud of, your skin STILL isn’t up to par? Well those pesky blemishes and that uneven complexion can actually be attributed to using dirty brushes to apply your makeup. After all how long ago did you clean your brush kit? Not cleaning your brushes weekly is kind of like smearing makeup mixed with bacteria all over your mug and the result just isn’t pretty. Not to mention totes gross. There is a MUCH easier way to frequently clean your brushes that doesn’t require soakage. It also doesn’t involve house-cleaning-grade disinfectants that can potentially RUIN those blessed bristles that hide your flaws so.

Makeup brush cleaner. Simply spritz on a clean tissue and wipe brush back and forth until it wipes clear. Voila!

My faves….

♥ Artiste Brush Cleaner  ♥ $14.95 An absolute steal and it smells fab also 🙂 This brush cleaner also improves longevity by extending the condition of the brushes.

♥ Napoleon Perdis Brush Cleaner ♥$40 A spray cleanser that prevents bacteria from contaminating make-up brushes. This cleanser disinfects the hair of the brush and removes all traces of make-up. LOVE THIS BABY!

♥ DMK Cosmetics Brush Cleaner ♥ $28 Perfect for any gal with problem-prone skin, this cleansers formula contains an excess of bacteria fighting properties.
♥ Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pro Brush Cleaner ♥ $29.95 An alcohol-free spray that gently and efficiently cleans brushes by removing make-up residue and build-up. The cleaner contains rosewater, allantoin, and panthenol and works to prolong the life of bristles while keeping them clean and bacteria-free. All Youngblood products are free from parabens, talc, perfumes and chemical dyes and are non-comodogenic and cruelty free.

♥ Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser ♥ $34 An oldie but a goodie, Clinique continuously proves why it is one of the beauty worlds fave companies. This makeup brush cleanser is gentle yet effective and works like a dream. X

Conceal It

Unfortunately most of us mere mortals do not look like this…


Without the help of  mans greatest invention – the concealer. A little pot or cheeky stick intent on covering the nastiest of skin imperfections with a simple swab or slick. It’s generally the first makeup item a gal will obtain, Mums finally given in and provided their suffering daughters with something to cover cute (actually there is nothing cute about them) pimples; it’s the one prod that keeps us looking half alive during lectures in our party hard years; and it is generally the last product a woman will vainly apply every day as she covers years of smiles and laughs and wise words.


Yep that’s our baby; Mr. Concealer bless you and your little cute compact you come dressed in. How you save us every day. Here are my faves for diff conceal-urgencies…


Cover those nasty zits AND simultaneously kill the suckers with Dr LeWinns Medic Anti Blemish Concealer – The epitome of killing 2 birds with one … well squirt. The formula, which contains active botanicals, effectively provides coverage, moisturisation and zit-zappers all at once. ($19.95)



Make those sad/tired/bad genetic driven peepers BRIGHT & LIGHT by reducing your dark circles appearance to a lovely 0%. Entire YSL Touché Éclat– Radiant Touch; an instant complexion highlighter who is a terribly clever fellow who does his job so well that he brings home more than bread and butter. Banish the drab dullness from those sparkling peeps ASAP! ($75)

Tanned or pasty? Who cares – one prod fits all. Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It; a Kelly Lee Love who sits perched merrily at the top of the ‘Skin’ box just waiting for his owners greedy hands to dip her fingers into him. (I lie I prod him with a concealer brush – DUH! 🙂 ) The concealer duo combines two formulas and two shades, giving the ultimate control for fighting flaws or imperfections. It targets dehydration zones while the powder concealer spot checks for a flawless finish. ($35)


Cover and conceal those rotten imperfections when an average prod just won’t perform. Try Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Corrector; IDEAL for dark circles, acne scarring and deep pigmentation. ($46)

Mineral makeup lovers will LOVE the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Ultimate Concealer. It has a gorgeous rich, creamy, mineral formula that gives a sheer to heavy coverage while still looking silky and natural. I am in love with the almost velvety finish. ($49.95)


Pretty Purple Prodz

1. MOR Emporium Soap Bar in Black Cherry Plum. 

Shower time should be fun time, thus the need for luxe shower pals. Unwrap a remnant of 17th Century decadence with the Black Cherry Plum Emporium Soap Bar. Taken from the silks of 16th Century Italy, the design of Black Cherry Plum is both ornate and intricate. Hand wrapped and made in Australia, this creamy triple milled soap bar will cleanse the skin, leaving it soft. Ugg – I die for this soap.

RRP $19.95. Available at Myer, DJ’s and

2. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer ‘Purple Shock’.

Although the colour suggest pre-pubescent teenage girls a-la ‘Never Been Kissed’-esque makeup; it SO isn’t. Formulated to create a bold, precision contour around the lash line; this colour looks just lovely when paired outside a line of black with white inside your eyes. Did anyone say eyes that POP?

RRP $12.50. Available at Priceline. 

3. Natio Berry Beautiful Collection.

Say hello to this seasons most on-trend makeup collection with a plethora of beauty goods (at ridonculous prices) in this seasons hottest hue – Berry. YUM.

The Limited limited-edition collection includes:

Mineral Colour Palette

 – Amp up your smokey eye.

Lip Colour
 – How very ‘vogue’ of you.

Nail Colour 
- 1/2 price ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and it stayed chip-free for 6 days! Yeah boi!

Liquid Eye Liner

 – Channeling Ms Hepburn.

Super Long Lash Mascara – Tick of mascara-proval.

RRP from $9.95. Available from Myer, DJ’s and selected pharmacies. 



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